Tees to Tyne: first impressions (Chants from Walkabouts - 17)

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Poem/song 162 of 230:  TEES TO TYNE:  FIRST IMPRESSIONS - SUMMER 2001


E F# F# E D E F# F#
F# G G A B A G G
F# G A B B A A-G G

D D F# F# F#-G F# E E
E E E E F# E D D)

Where traditions are not so rare;
    Sea, country and works scent the air;
A multitude of monuments,
    Planted tubs and patterned pavements.

The longish pedestrian malls;
    The remnants of defensive walls;
Historic buildings are a gauge
    Of the respect for heritage.

Wheat, rape and pines in the fields;
    Estuaries guarded by shields;
Long sandy beaches, and wide scenes;
    Romantic-ruin go-betweens.

Rivers, in parts, licked by trees,
    Or fringed by boat clubs, wharfs, gantries,
And crossed by practical delights -
    Varied spans, forming pleasing sights.

Fine churches - headed at Durham;
    Football kits ad infinitum;
Kept castles - one for study;
    Masonry behind masonry.

And, with moulding-works out that way,
It’s somewhere for a longer stay..?

(C) David Franks 2003
From http://walkaboutsverse.blogspot.com


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