Delusion Fields feat. Noetic-fret!


The track in the background is from the artist Brian Lustmord.


The Place of True Worth


We are here,

Men, women, children!

We share this world with creatures

Of wonder, foliage trees flowers

Mountains seas rivers jungles and deserts,

We share this world whether You,

Like it or not – yet,

We are beset by all manner of

Ailments, plagued by evil –

Natural and man made,

We have come this far

Through courage,

Through perseverance and belief

In ourselves belief in our world

And still we are never left

To prosper, never left to enjoy

The fruits of our dreams

As each decade shows more to overcome,

But still human life goes on -

Fights from the very day we are born

And despite the lack of recognition

From the Universe, we temper our souls

The forgiveness of those who’ll never understand

Our Spirit!


Look within each other’s eyes as you pass

Each by, look at our fellow being of hope,

Know that deep inside are the same quandaries

And inquiries and let not into mistaken forms

Of philosophy of who we really are,

As far from who you are

Are benefactors of hate,

Those whom have forgotten to live;-

Those - who have forgotten the power of Touch.


Man, Woman,

Dignified and blessed

With charms of Gods,

Hold up your heads against

The trivial,

Walk taller than the highest peaks

For alive in life is the jealousy

Of those whom have never reached

Within themselves,

Never felt life and what it means

To be human,


For falsely,

They would have you make believe

You’re fragile, make believe you are

Only a smite away from death

But be strong against all

They say can harm,

Be strong against all

And stride fearlessly,

Show no mercy to their indoctrination,

Know no bounds and live life

Each day knowing you’re more

Human, more compassionate,

More courageous than life itself,

For you are the God yourself they

Say you should bow to on bended knee,

     You, are the only one you need

Answer to,

For with all they have sent to

Belittle your soul,

You’re still striding courageously

Forward; still very much a Man,

Still very much a Woman,

With more strength in your heart

Than their world will ever know,

Forgive them the smallest

Of mistakes in their quest

To belittle who you are,

And speak through the power of

Your actions and compassion;

Speak the power of love.


Michael J Waite 18th December 2012.

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