Sing It In


Sing It In



Let’s write a little warmth!

It’s cold outside and I hasten to add,

It’s been a little cold inside too,

Let’s write a little warmth

And think of the songs that spoke

Not of peoples division;

But togetherness and freedom.


‘Imagine’ Mister Lennon said,

Imagine all the people

And I am, I am thinking of times ahead

When death is not the fearsome

People have,

I am thinking of relaxed ways

Of being where religion

Is not the intensity it is,

Where all can think of we

As butterflies that in essence

Live on despite our death.


Let’s think of man with all his many

Colours his genders and his roles,

As sitting in a hall with tinsel bells

And gifts, feasting on his compassion

He has forgotten,

Let us think of both man and womankind

As acknowledging our time is brief,

And smile in recognition that it is not

Within our capacity to hate,

It is not within our capacity to forsake

Those who are tarnished in some way,

Let’s think of Christmas and what it

Really means and though you may

Not have religious beliefs it is still

A time for peace,

Still a time to extend a hand

And forget all we’ve done in shame.


Imagine the smiles extending

Further than the hall,

See them expand across the globe

To people who’ve forgot,

And look upon your children,

And see no puzzle on their brow,

See only love for one and all,

And sing in a better year.


Michael J Waite 17th December 2012 


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