Never Shall We Forget


Never Shall We Forget



You can sew seed,

You can furrow soil and watch

The fruits of all you believe come true,

You can plant acorns and see

(if you could go forward in time),

See the tallest of trees and

What you sew today, you will reap tomorrow.


I am stepping back,

Stepping back to admire but

Inside the enquiry determines only

Sorrowful promise as Christmas full

With fantasy is lost upon a continent of



Looking back, as those in disbelief

Try to re-write history,

I am lost with grief as to all

The Acorns gone,

All the acorns whose life

Was never given over

To winters of polite meals

And feasting,

And I find my soul starved

Of a billion trees of creation

As life was taken,

And I will eat my Christmas dinner

In tears for the loss of a planet,

A planet of people who were,

Just people,

And as I swallow each morsel

I will say an inward prayer for

Every torso tortured,

And I will say;

This meal be only humble pie

And forgive these fragile tears -

For all those took were a billion

Years of living,

A billion years of life that we

Should treasure,

And never ever, forget.


Michael J Waite 22nd December 2011. 

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