God Loves a Sinner

After R.B.


I sat with Bukowski

on the steps of the

dock, smoking a

cigarette, shooting

lasers at the moon to

measure the distance

from dusk to dawn.

He talked about drink,

starvation and crazy,

crazy women. I talked

about Plato, Elvis and

Baudelaire. The sun

went down and the sun

came up. The post office

dug its deep claws

into both of us.

◄ the dead done gone and did it again


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Mon 19th Dec 2011 14:19

I like this. Though it doesn't rhyme - it does flow - which for me is what good poetry is all about. I like the fact that it is understated. The post office could be symbolic of a whole lot of things...

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Russell Turner

Mon 19th Dec 2011 12:50

Ann & Andy

Thank you for the kind comments.

Charles Bukowski worked for several years as a carrier & clerk with the Postal Service in LA, an experience which formed the basis for his novel 'Post Office'

I've been working the night shift for Royal Mail recently, so CB has been on my mind a fair amount :o>

However the main inspiration comes from Richard Brautigan's short collection 'The Galilee Hitch-Hiker', which I highly recommend and can be found here: http://allpoetry.com/poem/8508975-The_Galilee_Hitch-Hiker-by-Richard_Brautigan

So, WRT it being a bit proesy, that's quite deliberate :o>


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Ann Foxglove

Mon 19th Dec 2011 08:21

Enjoyed this Russell. Can't quite get the post office reference?

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Andy N

Sun 18th Dec 2011 21:08

interesting piece, Russell which i enjoyed considering I am quite familar with Bukowski and also as a ex postman myself once upon a time although if i am honest it is a bit prosey...

would be interested in learning where this came from?

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