Skull Profit

For Commissioner Moses Binoga

Leader, Uganda Anti Human Sacrafice Task Force.


Police are pleading for sanity

In a country of wild beauty.

As concrete climbs upward

And wealth begins to form.


But what happens when all capital

Becomes rare?


When the profits curl uncertainty?




They cut off the head and genitals,

These 'healers'

From any child they can find

Then bury it under a business.


Less than a whisper to freedom.


What happens when capitalism

Shines through in its purest form?


Children are ripped to pieces

For god

And turn to gold.

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Jeff Dawson

Tue 13th Dec 2011 08:19

Well put Kealon, most of the time its riches of African countries that makes any other countries interested in them at all.

We've seen it over the centuries with various empires but once the riches are gone, well as you said. For those with no ricjes in the first place, say Rwanda no-one bothers anyway!

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 13th Dec 2011 00:36

Kealan I think you're correct to 'stare down' capitalism- in its purest form or otherwise.
I think your first stanza is a good broad opening. I fail to see any opening for 'humour' in any part of your work here- Tommy

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Ray Miller

Mon 12th Dec 2011 21:35

It's a weird poem, indeed. I don't think the first two lines belong with it at all.Next two are good, though.

"When the profits curl uncertainty?"Or uncertainly?

"Then bury it under a business"
I know it's no laughing matter but this line made me laugh anyhow.

I think the capitalism in its purest form shtick is unneccessary.

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