Waking in the dark

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...a page turner

a page turned...


scratched scalp

look out the window

from my seat.

And back to the book...


This is the fourth

or is it the fifth

time I've read this 

un-giving text?

Look at the fire...


Feel the warmth

from its coals.

Think text...


The words...

will not make sense...


Why am I waking in the dark?


Words and foto by T Carroll

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 13th Dec 2011 00:39

thank you Laura :o)

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Laura Taylor

Mon 12th Dec 2011 10:04

Fantastic snap shot - been there myself, too. I love how you've framed it with those opening and closing lines - inspired.

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 11th Dec 2011 21:19

Hi Andy, thanks for the comment- the ending came as a shock to me-almost 'automotive'.

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 11th Dec 2011 21:16

hi Jane, thank you for your comment. Crowding in- spot-on, thought are always crowding in, crowding in since I was 7.

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 11th Dec 2011 21:14

hi Francine, you are correct re 'the mind' but the light source was a lamp in my bedroom. :o)

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jane wilcock

Sun 11th Dec 2011 20:24

I enjoyed this, it made me smile: you are either waking in the dark because the book is not bad enough to cause complete stupor and you should change that book or there are thoughts crowding in , in which case I think there may be another poem on its way!

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Sun 11th Dec 2011 18:20

I know this feeling all too well...
You cannot stay focused because your mind is constantly running!

p.s. The photo looks like a shot from the top of a lit candle : )

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Andy N

Sun 11th Dec 2011 17:48

excellent ending m8.. really enjoyed it.. andy

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 11th Dec 2011 17:05

Hi Dave, Yours is high praise indeed. :o)

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 11th Dec 2011 17:04

Hi Stella, you are correct in your 'wanting'. :o)

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 11th Dec 2011 17:02

Hi Winston, All books-dysphasia-impatiences-candle glass over my bedroom lamp. :o)

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Dave Bradley

Sun 11th Dec 2011 10:01

Been there. Can't think of another poem which captures it so precisely.

<Deleted User> (6315)

Sun 11th Dec 2011 01:14

I want to take this as sleepless night times and trying to read but reading the same stuff over and over..most probably because I am doing the same of late..orrr it could be something completely different as Win says..this can be interpreted in other ways too..which is a good thing! :o)

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winston plowes

Sat 10th Dec 2011 22:45

Hi Tommy. Lots to interpret in this. What book, Why 4 times, nature of the sigh etc but thats for the reader and an interesting pic too. Looks like the view down through a whisky tumbler into a fire. Win

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