I love Bill Hicks (while being tickled)

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Repost in memory of the 50th anniversary of his birth.


I love Bill Hicks (while being tickled)

    ...I love Bill Hicks (laughing)...

...no no, stop...

   ...I love Bill Hicks (laughing)...

...no I love Bill Hicks honest...


...I love Bill Hicks behave...(laughing)...

    ...shh...stop it! I love Bill Hicks...


Bill Hicks

dead forever

I love Bill Hicks....

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Danny Metcalfe.

Sat 31st Mar 2012 09:16

Hey buddy - come here (shoves Bill away - beautiful subtlety there)! Come here (another shove)! We are Christians - we dont like what you said about Jesus!'

'Yeah?' I said, 'Well, then...forgive me."

Bill Hicks was a genius.

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kealan coady

Sat 17th Dec 2011 13:26

fuckin great man, really enjoyed this. There's too much poetry around that is clearly written as a performance piece or for a particular audience. But this on the other hand is a pure.
It reads completely effortlessly, especially if you like bill hicks. good stuff.

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Laura Taylor

Fri 16th Dec 2011 09:33

Do you like Lenny Bruce too, Tommy?

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Anthony Emmerson

Thu 15th Dec 2011 21:50

He would have approved Tommy. Probably the most honest thinker comedy's ever seen.



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