I have waited so long

for you,

why must I always be waiting?

Sitting on wooden benches,

strolling along the seafront,




normally in vain.


Those long months we are apart,

destined only to dream,

still I am




Why do I persevere?

What hold is it you have?

when it would be easier

to despair…


So I think this is goodbye,

over before

it ever really began,

but no more to be







the next time? 

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Lynn Dye

Thu 8th Dec 2011 00:08

Thank you Isobel, Stella, Francine and Larisa, apprreciate all your comments. :)

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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Wed 7th Dec 2011 14:27

Beautiful poem, dear Lynn! The ending is really the best part of it: waiting,
may be...
the next time?
With love and warmest wishes, Larisa x

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Tue 6th Dec 2011 18:46

I like this - It reminds me of a song by The Smiths...

'I know it's over
And it never really began
But in my heart it was so real'

<Deleted User> (6315)

Tue 6th Dec 2011 18:29

hmm...You have captured that feeling of wanting something but having to wait for it..ahh I remember when...lol but that was an awful long time ago...

I enjoyed this Lynn :o) x

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 6th Dec 2011 17:15

seriously though,
we loved the ending especially.

We think,probably as you no doubt
have gone through,
the teen years
of being the most trying,
when it comes down to the on and off's etc
of love.

Gonna make love now-
to fish'n'chips
and a dirty big mug(not mine
and not actually dirty)
of Yorkshire tea.

Even if it is in the Rhondda!
come on builders! get your finger out!

catch you later Lynn-
now where's my cap? haha.


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Tue 6th Dec 2011 17:09

And I was going to make some quip about buses until I read your comment Lynn!

Waiting is the hardest thing ever when you really want something to happen. I think you capture that well - also the lack of conviction and self delusion so many of us suffer from! x

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Lynn Dye

Tue 6th Dec 2011 17:02

Ah, I'm with you there, Stef! I'd be the size of the bus home though after all that waiting!
Lol, thank you Stef'n'Tricia for your kind comments.
Lynn xx

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Tue 6th Dec 2011 16:49

Oh thats love for you Lynn-
yummy in a strange kinda way.

Loved the poem-but
would have loved it moreso
had you mentioned waiting waiting..
along the seafront,
next to the ice cream stall!



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