Be grateful for the dark days

And when one comes in sight

Don't waste your time in wondering

When life will turn out right.


Be grateful for the dark days

And when one comes along

Forget about despairing

Over how it all went wrong


Be grateful for the dark days

They're made to make you glad

When everything about them

Makes you think you should be sad


Be grateful for the dark days

The dark days never last

They come to help remind you

That the bad times are soon past


Be grateful for the dark days

They're just a passing test

As sure as night gives way to day

They take you to the best


Be grateful for the dark days

They're quickly out of sight

Why waste your time in worry

When you're led towards the light





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Glyn Pope

Sun 22nd Jan 2012 14:03

It is good to read such a positive poem

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Dave Bradley

Fri 6th Jan 2012 17:53

Good poem. Good thoughts! However, it is very hard to be grateful FOR everything in some dark days. IN would be easier than FOR.

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John Coopey

Sat 10th Dec 2011 21:03

Reminds me of a conversation I had with my daughter in the car once. She had something difficult to do and I said that it always helped me at such times to remember what the Buddhists said about these occasions. She asked what that was. I said that I couldn't remember.

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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Wed 7th Dec 2011 14:43

There is no light without shadow. Love this poem.
With warmest wishes, Larisa

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Laura Taylor

Wed 7th Dec 2011 10:09

Puts me in mind of the Joy and Sorrow part of the The Prophet, this :) And I agree with the sentiment - we must have opposites, or we have nothing to balance or compare

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