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OK folks! There has been some support for a competition on the blog; with this in mind I’m happy to set one. Some have suggested that there should be a “theme” as in previous competitions – as is my whim I’m going to ignore that and set something I personally think is far more difficult!

What do we, as poets, write about? After a very unscientific trawl through last month’s blogs and a little mathematical jiggery-pokery it seems that around 45% of blogs were “mood neutral.” i.e. neither happy nor sad, but simply observational. 44% were “mood negative” i.e. sad, melancholic, wistful etc. Only 11% were “mood positive” – happy, joyous, celebratory etc.

By now you can probably see where this is going . . .

We seem to have a predilection for sad subjects and introspection; perhaps not surprising.   For this competition I’m looking to up that 11%. I have always found expressing joy/happiness difficult in poetry and am repeatedly drawn to tragedy and sadness, I suspect that this is the same for many of us. Given the joyous festive season I’m therefore going to impose two rules:

  1. The subject/mood of the poem should be upbeat/positive/joyous/happy/celebratory etc.
  2. The poem must not be written in the first person, i.e. no “I”, “me” or “myself” poetry.

Other than those two stipulations your poem/s can be any style, length or subject.  Poems should be tagged “WOL comp” and submitted on the WOL blog between now and January 5th after which time entries will close and voting commence.

Anyone can vote by emailing me at jtt@downeshouse.freeserve.co.uk  Comments on any of the work posted will be welcome, but will be reported anonymously.

The prize for the most votes will be a £10 book token which will wing its way to the winner on receipt of their contact details.

And that’s it! Please drop me a line if you have any queries; put on your best smiley face – and get writing!





WOL comp

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 3rd Jan 2012 12:18

These two are just re-tagged, from blogs of the last few weeks. I hope that is acceptable; they are definitely in 'positive mood'. I was really out of the picture for awhile, and missed everything. But I must have been getting vibes!

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Mon 19th Dec 2011 17:37

Why don't you do one about milking the cows Nick? Surely it doesn't have to be happy ha ha. I'm presuming what Anthony would say here, but I think a poem that reflects peace and tranquility would be equally welcome...

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Nick Coleman

Mon 19th Dec 2011 17:19

I can't do happy. I've tried. I am a failure, boo hoo

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Wed 7th Dec 2011 18:45

I think you should write one also Anthony. I've always written one - even for the ones I've organised - just cos I've felt inspired by myself ;)

People could give you an honourable mention but not vote for you. Lead the way Anthony - I want to see how you do self repressed happiness.

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Anthony Emmerson

Wed 7th Dec 2011 17:48

Hi All,

Just to clarify: yes, he/she/they are all fine. The idea being that many of us write about ourselves (perhaps a little too often.) What I am suggesting is that it is still possible to write about oneself - but from the viewpoint of an external observer. I've structured the competition this way (even though I've written from a first-person perspective myself in the past) simply because I can't imagine why anyone would be interested in reading about me! Perhaps other writers are far more interesting? I especially wanted to challenge those writers who almost always seem to write from their own viewpoint to try something different for a change.

I freely admit that I'm not a great fan of "me" poetry, unless it's done extremely well and embraces concepts that are universal to all in an original way. I'm afraid I tend to skip the type of "Isn't my life awful/catharsis" poetry that new writers often start with, as it can often be boring and self-indulgent. No doubt, as expressed on the discussion board of late, this type of poetry has a therapeutic value to the writer, but to the reader this can often be rather tedious. I felt that making this stipulation would perhaps encourage those writers who tend to fall into this category to stretch theirselves a little.

Writing about someone else, or even yourself from an observational viewpoint, ought to require greater imagination; trying to see ourselves as others might see us. Of course there's no necessity to write about anyone - happiness/joy itself would be a fitting subject.

Anyhow, I'm glad I'm setting the competition and not entering it!



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kath hewitt

Tue 6th Dec 2011 23:09

Lol Laura, I'll have to get back to you on that one. Expect a reply sometime in the future :-p

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Tommy Carroll

Tue 6th Dec 2011 23:00

'Joyous season'
The End

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Laura Taylor

Tue 6th Dec 2011 15:57

It just says not in the first person, so he/she is allowed :)

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Lynn Dye

Tue 6th Dec 2011 14:54

Hm, I'm sure I must have been in that 11% of happy, but not impersonal... :)
Great idea Anthony, but echo Ann, presume we can have 'he' and 'she'?

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Laura Taylor

Tue 6th Dec 2011 09:16

Bugger. Happy?? Upbeat??

Erm...Kath, when you find out what it means can you let me know? ;D

Reet - best get me thinking cap on then. Woo, love comps!

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Ann Foxglove

Tue 6th Dec 2011 08:19

Can there be a "he or a she" then? Sounds difficult to me! Good idea tho Anthony.

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John Coopey

Mon 5th Dec 2011 23:13

One's H-A-P-P-Y
One's H-A-P-P-Y
One knows one is
One's sure one is
One's H-A-P-P-Y

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kath hewitt

Mon 5th Dec 2011 18:17

I suppose I should find a dictionary and define ' happy ' first?!!

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Mon 5th Dec 2011 18:10

This will be so much FUN : )

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Dave Bradley

Mon 5th Dec 2011 16:18

Wot about us Grumpy Old Men? Unfair!

Seriously though, great idea Anthony.

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Mon 5th Dec 2011 16:06


I know I can do happy - but can I do impersonal????

<Deleted User> (6315)

Mon 5th Dec 2011 15:39

ooooo.....ok!!!! :o)

I can do happy, honestly...I know I can...I think...

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