Alternative Reality

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only sane one left

in a mad, mad world

if inadvertently, I’ve fallen down some great big rabbit hole

to alternative reality

where truth’s a big fat water bomb, overfilled

that we sling back and forth like a pig’s bladder

sloshing round as we wait for the splat

except that it doesn’t splat

transforms instead to the leering face

of a cheshire cat


not on a mat

but a high horse

out of play and tactically removed.


They’re painting the roses red today

tomorrow they’ll be blue

easier to cut off their heads, I say

and start from seeds anew

for this smearing of colour is all too neat

and I like my roses fresh and wild

or they’re not roses at all

just some acrid backdrop

to another sorry scene.


So if I’m the only sane one in a mad, mad world

maybe I'm the lunatic...

Mirror, mirror on the wall

who is the craziest of them all?

I think

I reflect

therefore I am

at peace with my own mentality -

so I’ll don Quixote’s armour

I'll mount his steed

and I'll fight the good fight

till those windmills rue the day

they ever crossed me…




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Tue 6th Dec 2011 17:02

Thanks for your comments everyone. I'm glad you found something to like in my ramblings. I shall make you all honorary mad hatters :) xxxx

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Lynn Dye

Sun 4th Dec 2011 23:52

I really love this, Isobel. Very enjoyable. x

<Deleted User> (6315)

Sat 3rd Dec 2011 22:23

And if it is all a mad, mad world pass me the teapot luv...I will willingly join the party.

A strong one this Izz ..x

steve mellor

Sat 3rd Dec 2011 08:54

Isobel - the thought of anyone crossing you is ?? unthinkable ?? Loved the poem

I think
I reflect
therefore I am

my favourite little part

keep tilting. see you next week all being well

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