From muscled Mister Olympia to massive movie star,

When he wasn't pumping iron, he puffed on a big cigar;

Then Arnie took to motoring in the governor's own car,

They do these things in L.A. Californ'ya!


Olde-worldy English actor relaxing on a trip,

Puts on a lead-performance that was seen on Sunset Strip,

But his co-star couldn't stop herself from giving him some lip,

They do these things in L.A.Californ'ya!


The Peter Pan of singers had big money but big bills,

And got his fun from giving kids all sorts of juvenile thrills,

But his doctor couldn't save him from some life-affecting ills,

They do these things in L.A. Californ'ya!


Alimony, acrimony, marriage and divorce,

Never been so popular..and they're all there in force,

Everybody takes their's just a matter of course,

They do these things in L.A. Californ'ya!


Everyone who lives there loves the glamour and the glitz,

Loves the jazz and razzamatazz - the way the lifestyle fits,

But they get their kicks from tearing one another's lives to bits, 

They do these things in L.A. Californ'ya!


The famous put their hands and feet in slabs of wet cement,

And years later ask themselves just what the hell it meant,

Alone and old and wondering just where the fame game went,

They do these things in L.A. Californ'ya! 

◄ ARROMANCHES - 1994 - D-Day plus 50



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Martin Peacock

Tue 6th Dec 2011 10:44

It's a rum ol' place, is la la land. Methinks you do a mighty fine job of summing it up, pard.

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