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C’mon lads – equal opportunities, join up for your country,

we need you to do your service. Meat grinder of death needs oiling

with your body fat and intestines.

You’ll get a medal for your success, tell your grandchildren

of your valour and heroism.

I want your blood to flow down the street,

turn it red, slippery like myself.

Don’t you think the shiny bullets are nice?

Don’t you want to put them into your enemy with ultimate violence?

Yes you do. He wants to put his nice shiny bullets into you too,

fill my Hell with your souls, now!

Everyone gets a weapon – even the girls!

A machinegun, a sack of grenades, a flamethrower,

a rocket launcher and more.

You’re in the British Army, the best in the world.

I’m the Managing Director, the top General;

what I say goes, I make the wars. Where next?

New recruits come into the campaign room, look at this map.

See where we have been in the past, look where we are now.

Left a trail of bodies, minced up. More to follow, I’ll paint the effin’ map red!

Move it, move it, move it!

Sign your life on the dotted line. Be mine, be the best soldier

in the best army in the effin’ world!

Be my slaves of death, turn the land black.

Who needs the four horsemen? I have an army!






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