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Singing Loud and proud!

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Singing loud and proud!


It's Saturday's game

we go away on the train

spirits not dampened

by the torrential rain



Arrive on their patch

like lions in a pack

sometimes attacking

sometimes attacked



Moving on together

that tribal mentality

I know its not right

but it is the reality



Finishing our beers

we get near to the ground

blood pumping as I feel

the crescendo of sound



Tension in the stadium

we chant in our ranks

but we're in their end

surrounded on all flanks



The ref blows his whistle

the violence explodes

fighting on the terraces

police appear in droves



The aggro subsides

the crowd parts in waves

our team has a chance

the goalkeeper saves



We sing on to the end

the spoils are shared

we'll be back next year

we're not running scared



It's the end of the day

we're back in our town

we'll be back next week

singing loud and proud!



© August 2008 Jeff Dawson


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darren thomas

Wed 20th Aug 2008 16:19

One of the reasons why I'm emotionally scarred is because I was once a ball-boy at the old Burnden Park, proabably around the time you're talking about Jeff. (1977-79). In the days when Neil Whatmore was centre forward. He was the first adult I had seen in the flesh who had red hair that wasn't a novelty wig. Willy Morgan - who, of course, was 'on our wing' and a whole host of seasoned pro's including Sam Allardyce & Peter Reid. At half time we each received a packet of crisps and a carton of Vimto. Which was marginally less than the players of that period received. I have fond memories of being spat at by away fans (and occasional home 'fans' too). In fact, I thought you looked familiar!

<Deleted User> (4281)

Wed 20th Aug 2008 01:22

Hi, Jeff

I remember those years, and not all were that nice...Oh, well maybe with the Manchester will be a Okay. I have no complained, love that team.
Thank you for the song, I could hear over the pond...LoL:)
Great memory and fantastic write!

Thank you,

<Deleted User> (5646)

Tue 19th Aug 2008 19:59

Hi Jeff,
Thought it was a bit long winded. Ha!

Antoninoni must support a childs football team, there's nearly always a fight after a football match isn't there?
Otherwise, why do people watch the damn game. There's nowt much else to see.
Ouch! there was no need for that!!!

Love Janet.xx

Profile image

Jeff Dawson

Tue 19th Aug 2008 18:33

I wrote this to mark the start of the new football season. It describes football how I remember it when I used to follow my team Bolton Wanderers in the late 70s and throughout the 80s all over the country.

I hope it takes you back to those 'pre Prawn sandwich brigade' days (if you were around!) when you could have a few beers, pay on the gate, stand and sing where you wanted, basically when football was your life! Oh yes and there was the odd bit of aggro!!

Hope you enjoy it, cheers Jeffarama! Come on you Whites!!!

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