I hope you didn't see me leave,

and that you're not aware I've gone.

I hope I meant much less to you

than your presence meant to me.

Your pseudo intellectual rants

were scathing, shallow and flawed.

With feeling and enthusiasm

I tried to feed your thoughts,

but your responses made me a fool,

and so I was, to care for you.

Hence your four hundred and seventy two,

is less an insignificant one.

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<Deleted User> (6315)

Wed 29th Jun 2011 12:39

clever idea and yup some have sooo many so called 'friends' a cull is called for on a regular basis..enjoyed reading this..x

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Tue 28th Jun 2011 08:47

Hehehe. We all (well, those of us who are hooked anyway) use facebook differently. I have friends (real face to face ones) who have over 600 "friends" on their facebook. There's no way they'd notice one or two falling by the wayside which feels to me an odd definition of friend. Just playing with the discrepancy.

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Greg Freeman

Mon 27th Jun 2011 21:38

I'm guessing the numbers refer to one fewer Facebook friend. Hope the person concerned is not a fellow WOL poet? (Quickly checks his Facebook profile. Phew ...) In that case, sounds like you're well rid, Alison!

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John Embley

Mon 27th Jun 2011 21:37

'Four hundred and seventy two', I guess, is the number of 'friends' recorded on some social networking site, like Facebook.
It's hard to decide to 'dump' someone as a 'friend', though, even in this artificial environment, isn't it?
Nicely put sentiments, Alison.
I'd guess that '472' is a much larger number of 'friends' than you have recorded on your profile, because 'friend' has a much deeper meaning for you.

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winston plowes

Mon 27th Jun 2011 21:12

Not sure I understand the numbers here? You have managed to get accross a feeling of casting off and misplaced frendship though. Win x

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