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'The Honesty of Love & the Ending of it'

'The Honesty of Love & the Ending of it'

“How was it for you?”
“You’re the best I’ve had so far today”
A lust of love that never ends

“How was it for you?”
“I’ve had better”
The end of a romance
And a murmur of a love
That could have been

“How was it for you?”
A question thought
But never asked
A love that is deceived
As required
An acknowledgement of togetherness
No matter what

And someone who knows better
Copyright John Harrison 2009
" After hearing someone on the telly (while in the act) say 'Your the best' I thought: Well what else would they say? A few days later I wrote this light hearted piece. So, if anyone says 'Your the best' please don't think of this poem, and try and keep a straight face."
Taken from my book 'Whispers From Within'. To find out more, please go to: (if its only my writing you want to see) or for abuse issues.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 21st May 2011 21:25

In sex, let the bodies do the talking; they can't lie. And the listening. Perfect communication.

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