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Mendres Monologue

I'm playing Mendres, the identity of the devil and lead antagonist in an upcoming British film called Dark Domain.

I wrote this piece as a spoken word/metal fusion piece for the project.


Some say the pen is mightier than the sword,

But they all fear the might of my demonic horde.

I'm Mendres, I'm the devil incarnate,

I use the Dark Domain and I seal your fate.

Resistance is futile, and your death is final,

I get under your skin, then you're tapped like spinal.


Malignant like tumours,

Foretold like tomes.

Bring facts to the rumours,

Drain blood from the bones.

Feed them to Cereberus, my demonic hound,

With the gnashing of teeth,

flame-chained to the ground.


I am your fears...


But nobody can face me.

You can swear to God,

But no power can displace me.


With the Omez,

Dimensions will scream.

I've haunted you for years

and you call them dreams.

You're not crazy,

But one day you shall see.

Amenta placenta:

Death's the birth of me.


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