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I Loved


I loved,

But didn’t speak about it.

I loved,

But didn’t show my feelings.

I loved,

But didn’t expose my soul.

I was speechless

And I was tireless

To listen to your words.

For me they were singing birds.

I loved

And I had seen a wonder.

I loved,

Was not afraid of any thunder.

I loved

And heard only your voice.

You were my only rejoice.

Your eyes sparkled,

They were two shining miracles.

My heart used to sank

As only you touched my hand.

That was long time ago.

My love I didn’t show

As I was only seventeen.

And all around seemed blue and green.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska

The 5th of April, 2011


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Jeff Dawson

Mon 11th Apr 2011 17:16

Nice work Larisa and thanx for comment on Dont - I think the definite article 'the' in terms of 'the Ukraine' I hope is correct, thats why I used it for the rhythm of the poem and of course because its in E Europe! Theres only a couple of countries like this I think - the Gambia being the other, so hope thats okay! Unless of course you know different! thanks Jeff X

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