The Wheel Turns, But Remains Forever Still

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Ours is but one galaxy amongst one hundred billion in an old universe

It developed out of the elemental, primordial period in cosmic time

With low entropy our solar system drifts around the Milky Way,

 Two hundred and fifty million years to circumnavigate,

Endlessly floating with effortless movement.


Our planet travels miles and miles through deep cosmic time,

Always moving forward with the arrow, never faltering

If our planet is but an atom, then what are we?

And who or what are we significant to?

Are we significant? Were we planned?


If we close our eyes and concentrate we can hear the engine,

Pulsing like a heart with quiet thunder and determination.

Our atomic structure mirrors the universe,

We are made the same, we are low entropy.

We cannot be put back together, we change every day.


For us the wheel turns,

But in the universe we remain forever still.

Man comes and ploughs the fields, and then he is beneath.

We move in cycle upon cycle,

Played out invisibly and on the grandest of scales


Then, after a billion years she turns into a red giant.

Touched by her unimaginable heat  

 Earth scorches to a cinder, then dies,

Her pitiful core is drawn closer, and then consumed

By the orange furnacy expanse. Earth is but an atom.


Later she implodes, then explodes sending brilliant shock waves

Extending billions of miles across the galaxy and beyond

Her dwarfed white core glimmers for a million eternities,

Then she turns black eternally, drifting around in space

The wheel turns throughout the galaxy.


The wheel turns throughout the universe,

As the pattern is repeated billions of times.

Over trillions of years there is birth, but then total death.

The arrow moves forward, everything is sand

Then nothing.

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melanie coady

Tue 8th Mar 2011 14:58

i really like this hun

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Laura Taylor

Tue 8th Mar 2011 14:09

Great subject - very close to my heart.

This starts out, forgive me for this, but it starts out like the talks you used to get at the planetarium!

Are you a fan of Lovelock's theory of Gaia? This seems to come through a bit for me. I am, btw :) Be gone crystal healers, leave the theory alone!!

Entropy - love it. Ever read any Pynchon?

I like this - quite prosy or free verse, whatever, but I do like it

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