So I'll tell you something that happened. It was a couple of years ago and it was early in the morning. I woke up quickly in a sweat. I was dreaming about PILLOWS. Rows and rows of PILLOWS. All lined up in a park at night. There was somebody else there but I can't recall who they were or if they were friendly or not. So the PILLOWS looked at me with tiny cotton eyes and enough eyebrow material to form a frown. Why were they so unhappy or angry? Did I do or say something? I don't know. Then a flurry of night lights came on and the PILLOWS pupils dialaghted, turned to the shine and began laughing sarcastically. Why were they so ironic or pathetic. I don't know. I got up off the bench I was sitting on and tried to walk away but the bench started hugging me with these wooden arms. Hugging me. The PILLOWS looked jealous for some reason. The bench kept hugging me with wooden arms then I woke up quickly in a sweat. With no PILLOWS and splinters on my back.

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kealan coady

Mon 31st Jan 2011 23:04

thanks banks always love reading your stuff

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Mon 31st Jan 2011 22:52

I dont know where you get that shit, but I could buy some :D

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Andy N

Mon 31st Jan 2011 20:39

best one yet for me yet of your new burst and i think it's probably your least bukowski-ish too (and i love Bukowski)

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