If I Wanted

If I wanted to be real then I'd find myself an ugly woman. Have little ugly children with her that resemble reality. Get a job. Get married. Masturbate at two in the morning about my wife being asleep. Go to work early to catch up on boredom. Have friends. Get divorced. Masturbate about getting divorced. Eat bread. Listen to pop music. Buy a gun. Masturbate about shooting my boss or my ex wife. Take a shit. Go to the supermarket and purchase lettuce for a nice salad on sunday. Have an opinion on economics. Masturbate about finance. Have a sock drawer. Smile in public. Talk to strangers at the bus stop about how the bus driver is always late. Masturbate about how the bus driver is always late. Get a tattoo of Jim Morrison. Find myself in India. Learn Russian. Teach English abroad. Murder my children. Write prose.

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Wed 2nd Feb 2011 22:38

The pattern of our lives as mapped out by society and grafted onto us by force - and if you refuse - scorn from those who submitted!

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 30th Jan 2011 15:30

You are very funny, Kealan, handling some kind of fierce inner angst by pitching scornful words and stultifying ideas on to the screen like a scythe through corn stalks. I take it that life looks unendingly grim right now. And what is reality, except your own definition?

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melanie coady

Sat 29th Jan 2011 14:10

i really like this one kealan..its basically everyone's wet dream lol

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