Quorellimus Quoragg


Quorellimus Quoragg had a mind to travel,
so he sought new frontiers wearing strange apparel,
attire that he had designed just for himself,
so you won't find some similar upon any shelf.

His aim was clear, well maybe just to him,
as he worked on his plans he couldn't help but grin,
he felt for sure that he would break new ground,
his theories he thought were totally sound.

The method he was designing was undoubtedly new,
perhaps best described as 'flittering' to you,
he had calculated the ways to traverse dimensions,
and to put those into practise would ease all his tensions!

It took some months to make all the kit,
but he worked very hard to ensure the fit,
for when you plan to flitter to another world,
you need to be certain you'll arrive straight, not curled.

Now for many it might have seemed quite strange,
that no communication system had he thought to arrange,
but then he seldom spoke to many while he was here
and confident as he was of his device, he'd no fear.

The day came when he was ready for his first flitter 
and he strode outside in all his gear, which raised a titter
among the bored kids just down the road from him,
but when he dematerialised none could match his grin.

And so we must wait for news of how he made that leap,
from our dimension to another where, who knows perhaps the sheep
are bred with self knitting wool in every shade and hue, 
I do hope he took a camera to record such things, don't you?

January 18th 2011


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