The Very First Time


She asked me for a kiss,
I had to tell her no not yet,
for I'm a little shy still,
but please don't get upset.
She asked me for a cuddle,
I said perhaps another day,
for I got splashed in a big puddle,
when some dog ran past my way.
She said "Well I can come in,
and wait while you clean up,
then maybe put the kettle on,
for I know I'd like a cup."
She had me there with that one,
I could make no more protests,
for a minute I was flustered,
when she saw me in my pants and vest.
She put the cups down quickly
and said "You've missed a spot" 
and took the flannel from me, 
soon I felt my face grow hot!
But once she had the mud off
we sat and drank our tea,
that was the very first time,
I came home with my auntie....
January 21st 2011

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sat 22nd Jan 2011 16:43

I like it Dave-very cute! oh those Aunties eh-having said that,my Aunty Molly(and Uncle Vic)were life savers-always there with a lovely Sunday dinner and half a crown spends-in our days of having bugger all never mind food-I can still see my little sister and I walking down the little whitewashed hallway into Aunty Mollys tiny living??room-Billy Cotton blaring away and the old cast iron range emitting the most wonderful meaty aromas-those most memorable times even if we did have to walk ten cursed miles(not having bus fare)to get there-good lessons for the future I can assure you-good poem Dave but Aunty Mollys Sunday dinner beats it....tongues hanging! ta matey-Stef.

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