She Sang...


They loved the soft, sultry movements that she made,
each one an embellishment that she did proudly parade,
left and right across the makeshift stage she went,
sending out smiles and kisses to the boys they'd sent,
each one on a mission to free those war had oppressed,
but just for those moments, they were not distressed...
She sang all the songs that tugged on their heart strings,
and then posed for the cameras as they captured their friends,
standing beside her with their proud jaw breaking grins,
none of them thinking of the next days probable sins.
For in any armed conflict, some sins do come for sure,
it's fair to say there never could be a truly holy war.
Marilyn took four days out from her honeymoon in Japan,
to entertain troops in Korea, while snow fell on the land.
Her groom Joe had not been at all keen on the idea, 
saying it would be dangerous, but she showed no fear,
and after she finished, it was back to explore Japan, 
with her Joe Dimaggio, all knew he was the luckiest man!
January 17th 2011

Marilyn Monroe

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Mon 17th Jan 2011 18:40

you are right Dave-holy wars?definitely a contradiction in terms-as for Norma Jean-they don,t make or break 'em like that anymore-rock on Mr D!-my best to thee-SW.

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