Wave Over Wave (To the memory of a very good friend of mine that I never met)

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Wave over wave


Stretching to measure time the darkness

Searching salt raw edges of the sea

Yellowing his ragged memories

Dream a once ago that had been kinder


Wave over wave


Watchers gather upon still waters

Weaving his love and lives to wear

Laying his lonely angel sleeping

Moments ebb and tide waits for no man


Wave over wave


Listening to the long siren’s call

Carried on windblown seas stinging

Treasured letters of all he held dear

His eyes rare deepest oceans come the night


Wave over wave



Wave over wave

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Elaine Booth

Tue 18th Jan 2011 19:57

This had to be read out loud! And what a pleasure. I found a very soothing quality in the rhythm very like the sound of the tide. A very beautiful poem.

stella jones

Fri 14th Jan 2011 17:26

Dream a once ago that had been kinder...storming line..amongst many..thoroughly enjoyed the read Gus :)

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Fri 14th Jan 2011 08:12

Good morning Gus. This takes several readings to fully appreciate the words lapping over you - it is lovely...

I felt the poem was about another self. For me it would be about the person one might have been in different circumstances - with different life experiences.

'Watchers gather upon still waters
Weaving his love and lives to wear'
I love those lines - to me representing the key players in one's life. Though they are key, they will only ever be on the sidelines watching and trying to interact with the different strands of the self cos each person's life is individual, separate, complex - we are all islands or waves.
Underpinning it all, I sense time passing. Though the sea is timeless, we are not. Putting man next to something elemental like the sea highlights his mortality and ultimate inconsequence.

That is what I got out of it anyway. The beauty of your poem is that people can get whatever they want out of it - it works well without a crystal explanation. xx

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Andy N

Fri 14th Jan 2011 08:02

haunting indeed... i can see why it may lose one or two people but i get what you are talking about.. love it... see you soon (Augusta told me about a exhibition you are putting together also - you two make such a good team together with your work i think...

Janet Ramsden

Fri 14th Jan 2011 01:16

Hauntingly beautiful Gus.x

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Marianne Louise Daniels

Thu 13th Jan 2011 22:58

i love this, the fierceness and passions we have inside ourselves, sometimes hidden through fear..thats what i took from it atleast... I love
"Watchers gather upon still waters
Weaving his love and lives to wear
Laying his lonely angel sleeping
Moments ebb and tide waits for no man"

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Thu 13th Jan 2011 21:36

This takes my breath away!
It has such a serene quality to it with the repetition of 'Wave over wave'... though very sad.

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Gus Jonsson

Thu 13th Jan 2011 20:00

Im sorry Cynthia to be so obscure but I have put a brief intro beside the title albeit I know its not a lot of help.

Thank you Ann and Cynthia for your comments.

Love ya ta bits.

Gus xx

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 13th Jan 2011 19:11

I get a little lost in meaning here, but the mood and the sounds of the rolling words are lovely, which can be enough in themselves. I do like 'searching salt raw edges of the sea' and 'his eyes rare deepest oceans come the night'. They recite splendidly.

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 13th Jan 2011 18:34

Mmm, lovely! I can smell the sea! Or is it just me dinner cooking! "Laying his lonely angel sleeping" my fave line. I DO like your style.

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