Where are You?

You are your own worst enemy, they say.

I have cut through the thickets of your mind

toward the centre,

and in the thickest of thickets, wondered

where is it?

Is there a centre?


The journey into your mind

is dream sequences,

shifting dead-ends,

teasing landscapes –


Come out of the maze and play,

come out and say

who you are.


Everywhere intelligence

in lush, prolific profusion,

verdure, foliage, leafy confusion.

But where is the centre?

I am hunting you but

won't hurt you.

Are you running?

Please don't run.



Talking like this

to such an intelligent sophisticated



A sprite maybe,

spirit spirited away.

Migrating soul,


exile from your self.

Gipsy in your own mind,

Nomad playing persona pinball.


Please don’t feel trapped

if I get behind the trappings.


Say what you mean.

Say what you feel you mean

Mean what you say

Feel what you say and mean what you feel.

Say what you feel what you mean what you say you mean.



Chasing guesses through rooms,

never finding the householder.

So much furniture

But is anyone at home?


Who is playing these genial games?

Reveal yourself, puppetmaster.

Who is editing the clips?

My game is to coax you out,

lure you, tempt you, exempt you

from expectation.


I don’t know you

but I like you.


Or I think I would

if you were there.

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Elaine Booth

Tue 4th Jan 2011 22:50

Such a lot of feeling and very thoughtful. I know that sense possibly almost of frustration - like you nearly know the person - maybe you might see them regularly but yet know they do not, will not reveal themselves on a deeper, more personal level. And then you ask yourself that question: "So much furniture / But is anyone at home?" - is there actually any deeper layers, anything to reveal or is it all a sham, your own imagintion. Brilliant.

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Lynn Dye

Fri 3rd Dec 2010 20:16

I found this intriguing too, Dave. Enjoyable.

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Laura Taylor

Fri 3rd Dec 2010 11:10

So much that I think is good about this Dave. I can really identify with it, especially the 'say what you feel' stanza. Am not so sure about the third from last though - doesn't seem to flow as well as the others. Still a great poem overall, though

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 2nd Dec 2010 18:13

A very intriguing poem - I really like it!

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