Shahla Jahed is dead

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Shahla Jahed is dead.

An outrage.

A repulsive act of barbarism

by the religious

against those deemed


by the powerful

against the vulnerable

by secret police

against a citizen

by a violent system

against weakness

by men

against a woman 

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Elaine Booth

Tue 4th Jan 2011 22:51

Thanks for this poem, Dave. As Isobel said - we need to shout out against this in any way we can.

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Thu 2nd Dec 2010 07:13

Strangely enough, hanging someone for murder doesn't outrage me as much as other things that go on in these countries. The problem is that you can't guarantee fair trials or convictions over there - it looks like there was plenty of doubt over whether she actually did it.
I think it is great that you wrote about it Dave - violation of human rights should always be trumpeted in any way we can.

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Wed 1st Dec 2010 10:59

Guess we all got angry with that outrage - well expressed and I liked the poem you wrote on pink especially the last line

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Laura Taylor

Wed 1st Dec 2010 10:46

Powerful. Made me cry. Made me angry - again. Well done, had to be written about, and this is written very well.

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