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By & By


Love is the drug we are meant to enjoy,
if it is missing perhaps that is why some employ,
another means to give them a special high,
but drugs prove to be unfaithful lovers by and by...
Yet though this must surely be known to all,
it seems drugs still retain their siren call,
wrecking lives as do all those feckless lovers,
their allure enough to capture more under covers.
Each time the dance of criss crossed needles begins,
another willing victim is trapped by anothers sins,
the deal is soon done in a shadowy place,
listen for how the newbies heart will race.
And when their 'hit' has been and gone,
will they seek another before too long,
as cravings start to grip their mind,
a habit grows that's most unkind...
Love is the drug we are all meant to enjoy,
if it is missing perhaps then we need to employ,
a helping hand and a friendly stance,
and hope that prevents the needles dance....
October 15th 2010


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