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If ...

if I close my eyes and cross my heart

... think hard enough.

If I blow the heads of dandelion fluffs:

          thinks of me

                  thinks me not.

Close my eyes and think hard enough


of alleys where we kissed and rubbed

places we still live in memory-touch.

If I turn the light switch forty two times

for every day we spent


all the hours now nothing meant

and try.

If ...


if I close my eyes and cross my heart

trace my skin your every part.

Will that part

of you



The bit that knows when it's about to rain

that looks at your phone just as it rings

the one whose doors open

just as he leans to the handle.


If I walk down the alleys and breathe our distant musk

If I close my eyes wish and wish till dawn comes

turns to dusk

if I trace my skin your every part.


If I think hard enough

you'll know.

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Sun 7th Nov 2010 01:45

Beautiful... I can so relate.

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Ann Foxglove

Sun 10th Oct 2010 19:24

I love the way you bring that superstitious element in. The feeling that if we are thinking of someone we love,they will just . . .KNOW!

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Sun 10th Oct 2010 18:43

I love how you've parodied some cliches but in an inventive and new way that evokes the truth behind the cliche' that we do think of our loved ones - and we hope they think of us too.

Great draft piece Max x

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Max Wallis

Sun 10th Oct 2010 17:22

First draft ...

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