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'When A Thief Kisses You, Count Your Teeth'

Take my coat and hang it by the door next to others.

Rip my shirt, button by popped button, tie it around your waist.

Pick up the little black things and put them in your pocket.

Undo my belt, wrench it until the loops split, curl it up.

Slide down skinclung trousers. Fumble with my feet and socks.

Cut off my boxers. Naked, take in my scent and shy eyes.

With a razor shave my hair, brows, pubes; store them in a pillowcase.

Use your fingers to peel off the dead skin from my heels.

Tap my head three times to unlock my skull, open the cavity

prise out my brain and let it dry on the windowsill.

Shed off my case and dump it shrivelled by your bed.

Wipe the blood from my musculature and smear it on your clothes.

Use spoons and knives and forks and dismember my limbs.

Put my toes and fingers in your dog’s bowl.

Crack open my ribs, suck the breath from my lungs.

Siphon the wine of me. Decant it with the rest.

Use my tendons as thread, my bones as knitting needles.

Gouge my eyes and add them to the necklace you wear.

Take it all. Everything. Now.

Bare, wordless, prop me up, a model skeleton for your museum.

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Sun 17th Apr 2011 10:09

Indeed! I shall count and record before I shut the front door. :-)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 9th Sep 2010 11:50

This is very good, Max, an amazing metaphor of total commitment - to anything or anyone. IMO, the hyperbole doesn't evoke abnormal submission of sexual lust, more like mental and emotional annihilation. As for 'musculature', I quite like the 'cutting, sawing' sound of it as you spit it through your teeth; seems appropriate in context. Marvellous title.

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Chris Dawson

Thu 9th Sep 2010 11:21

Wow, powerful stuff. I'm not sure you need the very last line - it seems to me to end at 'Take it all. Everything. Now.', and I'd change musculature (4 heavy syllables with an emphasised glottal) to muscles - softer, and you have some alliteration with smear.
Always enjoy your work Max, very mature writing.

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