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Lucretius said:

All life is given to us

Just in usufruct.

                        Cynthia Buell Thomas

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<Deleted User> (7212)

Mon 27th Sep 2010 22:01

Isobel - this is one of my favourite topics & IMHO you've nailed it here -
'This is all you've got, make the most of it' - because if you read it literally, that is exactly what he says - that life is a tenure, a loan - it's not forever. I don't see any contradiction though. An interesting subject. B

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Sat 25th Sep 2010 09:55

I think I've found a contradiction in what Lucretius is saying...
If body and soul cease to exist at our death, then our life and all our actions belong to us and us alone. In some ways - it is of no consequence how we behave in life - it is our right to choose that path.
The idea of life being a gift where our behaviour has any relevance indicates the presence of hope there may be something else. Even if the gift comes from nature rather than a God - we still owe nature nothing - particularly since we will all cease to exist once nature won't support us - and our very existence is so fundimentally terminal.

This is me just thinking aloud of course. Perhaps he was just saying 'This is all you've got, make the most of it' in a philosophical way.

Your poetry certainly makes me think Cynthia. x

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Dave Bradley

Sat 25th Sep 2010 07:18

Brilliant! Love it. Just what a haiku should be for.

There is a thread between this, Isobel's comment and Pete Crompton's recent blog, along with the comments that attracted. Each way of thinking about life and death seems to have its challenges - it's hard to believe in life after death (though I do) and it's hard not to believe in it.

We can all appreciate what Lucretius is saying though. Thank you for the pointer to him. Fascinating. "some new divine delight and trembling awe" "....testing of a man In doubtful perils- mark him as he is Amid adversities; for then alone Are the true voices conjured from his breast" and much more.

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Fri 24th Sep 2010 16:24

This great Cynthia! I didn't read it initially cos I'm lazy and I didn't understand anything and didn't have time to look it up.
Now that I've made the effort I really appreciate it - and love the succinctness of the haiku format.
I also read what he said about how we shouldn't fear non existence. Although I can follow his logic - I can't go along with it - it is a natural human instinct to fear death - I guess the animal rather than the brain, exerting itself.

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Andy N

Fri 24th Sep 2010 08:14

interesting stuff, Cynthia.. like Banksy I had to look that one up too as it threw me too to begin with, but that's often the sign of a good poem!

keep em coming! x

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Ray Miller

Thu 23rd Sep 2010 22:11

Each day we enjoy
a new lease of life; or not
as the case may be.

<Deleted User> (7212)

Thu 23rd Sep 2010 22:08

Well Cyn - I had to look that one up. I always think that "pulchritude" rather than beauty, sounds more descriptive of something that has gone off in the fridge. Gossamer's another one - Durex buggered-up the connotations of that one forever.

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Thu 23rd Sep 2010 20:24

'Tis true...
Love the meaning of this rather harsh sounding word.

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 23rd Sep 2010 20:15

Ah, what a word!

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