Invisible Woman

I used to get wolf whistled


And I snarled back

'I am not an object'

Now I am invisible

I don't know when it happened

Whether a day tripped over into the next

And the hecklers

No longer saw me

Or whether it was gradual

When I went from waving

The sex flag boldly

To having the colour slowly

Drain from me

Until no-one saw me at all

So now I address the builders of the world:

Forget young girls with provocative pouts

Save your shouts for those who need them most

The ghosts of young women

Now grown old

If you see a woman of a certain age

Make her day

Shout 'Way hay!'

Forget about the sisterhood united

Whistle at the old birds

They'll be bloody delighted


c/r Kate Tym 2010

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<Deleted User> (7140)

Sun 3rd Apr 2011 04:02

Dear Kate

Spare a thought for the triple-chinned thirty-something invisible bloke that proliferates who not only finds his person overlooked by the opposite sex in his 'good years' but after nearly four decades of contorting his lips and ,looking like a complete tit in the process, still can't even muster a whistle in order to subject others to intermittent 'interest' from time to time!

I did use a cazoo once but it didn't quite have the impact I had hoped for.

By the way I love this poem of yours Kate. Like your erstwhile offering about getting upto naughties while the kids are next door, it shows a light touch with a very funny idiom and more than just a kernel of truth within.

Mwoar please.


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 14th Sep 2010 10:58

It's a poking poem, gets you right in the eye or belly or butt. It is so sad. IMO, the true 'sexual flag' does not diminish with age, and even the labourers of the world recognize this. All that really goes is deliberate bum-wiggling or tossing hair with an 'I dare you' panache. It's a great social comment, Kate. Well done.

I thought your prior one was really good too. I expected my comment to be blasted into outer space.

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Kate Tym

Mon 13th Sep 2010 09:06

It seems cyber wolf-whistles are quite good too! K

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Andy N

Mon 13th Sep 2010 08:11

Perhaps more prose than poetry for me, Kate this but I like the message in it... Could almost a article for a newspaper too (in poem form).. x

<Deleted User> (7212)

Sun 12th Sep 2010 21:32

Jesus Christ on a bike - Wimmin! you cant have it both ways you know? Moaning for getting whistled at & moaning for NOT getting whistled at. Jeez.
No wonder us men are confused.
Mind, you still look pretty fit in that photo... I think maybe we'll need a photo in high heels, stockings & suspenders in order to decide properly though ;)

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Louise Fazackerley

Sun 12th Sep 2010 21:04

i like this- on my way to being an old bird meself x

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 12th Sep 2010 16:08

WIIIIIIT-WOOOOOOOOO!!! (thats supposed to be a wolf whistle-with my teeth in,I might add!)for both a lovely Lady and brilliant poem-thank you-Stefan Wilde.

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