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Bite the Bullet Participation/Tagging!

Dave has reminded us to TAG our entries with BULLET  to make a grouping which we can access easily if we wish to 'vote' at the end of the month, or even just to enjoy them as a  theme unit.  Please check to make sure you are included in the special list.  For new WOLers,  join right in. The theme is Bite the Bullet and it is wide open to personal interpretation, using any poetical style. The TAGS are to the right of the first page of BLOGS.  You can also pick up the original blog by Dave by using his Personal Profile on Showcase: Dave Bradley, and scrolling down until you find it, not far because it's recent.

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Dave Bradley

Sat 11th Sep 2010 17:23

on a wobbly connection from the wilds of Slovakia - am back 23rd Sept and will be blogging a reminder soon thereafter. Voting is opening Oct 1st and closing end of play Oct 5th. Thanks for reminding people Cynthia. ttfn

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Andy N

Sat 11th Sep 2010 09:08

good one cynthia.. i am 1/2 way through my piece for this but considering i know we have a few weeks left, i'm not too worried yet (being bogged down with other pieces)

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Fri 10th Sep 2010 18:23

Good on ya Cynthia for reminding everyone - though I think we'll be lucky if people bite the bullet and tag. Despite asking everyone last time only 12 out of the 26 poems ended up tagged which is a shame really cos it would have been nice to make an archive out of them. To help voters choose, Dave might well have to do a list with blog links included which is very time consuming... I think he's on holiday for the next 3 weeks also so we will be into October before we are voting.

I think themed writing is a great discipline. I used to think I couldn't do it - that my mind had to be free - but I've surprised myself. I think it is possible sometimes to create deliberate blocks for yourself - though obviously, not every subject will inspire every person.

It would be lovely if new WOLers could get involved with it as it would give them an insight to how WOL can come together as a community. Perhaps Winston could give them a nudge in that direction when he welcomes them to the site? It would be good to have a special place to access/archive them also - one that could be administered by the organiser rather than the poets - who are a little absent-minded on the whole...

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 10th Sep 2010 18:01

Hi Cynthia - this is very useful info for new members especially. Biting bullets hasn't inspired me yet! But I might try reading in public for the first time next week, if I can "bite the bullet!" Maybe that will give me poem!

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