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A droning voice directs the road ahead

Small screen

No people

All life safely hidden

From sight

Behind flat lines curves and corners

While driving between dimensions we travel

Through parallel roads to parallel worlds

Rushing into stagnation

Debris in a drain

Backing up

Spewing up

Gushing damnation

On an axle of ever

Growing commitment driven conquests

Hands steering

Feet pointing forward

Behind time

Behind schedule

The school run at a snails pace

The rush hour a drag

The Togs have left for the allotment

And an unfamiliar voice announces

Late late.

I am at the crossroads

This is where I change lanes

If I close my eyes

I can see the road I want to take

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The Shoe: China 2008 ►


<Deleted User> (4281)

Wed 30th Apr 2008 07:43

Dear Carol

The poem shows that you have quite a lot on your mind at present time. On the other hand, it is just another imaginative write. I found poems sort of release of some thoughts that occupy my mind and the writing brings a feelings of freedom to my busy mind.

Excellent poem!

Thank you,

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carol falaki

Tue 29th Apr 2008 11:35

Hi Jeff, thanks. Yes I think we all get there sometimes. I get the feeling I am being driven or taken.
The real choices may seem small but their cosequences are often bigger.
Sat-nav, is just one cause, I'd rather get a bit lost and see what happens. I may even find myself.

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Jeff Dawson

Mon 28th Apr 2008 20:55

Great stuff Carol, about where i am in my life!!! Ha, Jeff

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