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The Melody of Love

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One day I said: Love, you are so strong!

It answered: but I sometimes can be wrong.

Only fools are always right

And with anyone they can fight.


I said: when you are near my heart sings.

You are the one who happiness brings.

Love answered with a cunning smile:

To make lovers happy is my style.


- But I want to ask you once more:

Why were you so cruel before?

-You raise me to the sky,

And I have the only wish to fly.


Then suddenly you lower to the land,

Here is something I don’t understand.

Love quietly answered: when you love

troubles are not dangerous,

Love is always generous.


-But I want to love and be loved,

I have no wish for anyone to starve.

Love answered with confidence,

ignoring any evidence,

- You clean your soul by suffering,

You make your Love amazing by coloring.


-Please, don’t leave me! — I begged,

By vanity egged.

The response was disappointing too.

  • Your heart will tell you what to do.


The words of Love seemed to be a prophecy.

My heart felt like it was a fantasy.

I’ve been waiting for Love for a very long time.

When I met Love it was a true chime.


My Love was like the song of a nightingale.

I live now like in a true tale.

I want to fly in the sky

And together with birds new songs to try.


The melody of Love lives in my heart.

It sings, loves, and knows a new start.

Oh, Lord! Thank you for the present.

Now my heart is not vacant.



©Larisa Rzhepishevska





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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Fri 12th Jul 2024 10:45

Hugh, Stephen Gospage, Hélène, Manish, Tim Higbee, thanks so much for reading and liking my poem. With best wishes, Larisa

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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Fri 12th Jul 2024 10:36

Leon G. Stolgard, Tom Doolan, and Patricia Ziel thank you for commenting on my poem.

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Leon G. Stolgard

Thu 11th Jul 2024 13:18

Hi Larisa-back again after I had to delete my profile due to a technical problem-to repeat my previous comment...

absolutely beautiful Larisa-well done!👍💐

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Tom Doolan

Thu 11th Jul 2024 10:51

Excellent 👍

<Deleted User> (57085)

Wed 10th Jul 2024 12:33

Absolutely beautiful Larisa-well done!👍💐

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Patricia Ziel

Tue 9th Jul 2024 20:48


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