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The Lonely Willow

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Willow’s over the river

A tear quietly drops

She is too tired to shiver,

I wasn’t born in a thicket.


No one is around here

No one to embrace…

Only the wind has found her.

Is she in such disgrace?


How hard it is for the willow

To stay here all alone,

Looking at the swallow,

Which all the trees know.


She has no one to talk with,

There is no one it loves to share,

The wind has brought her a myth

She could hardly bear it.


All trees live in pairs,

Some are real friends,

Engaged in love affairs,

For true love everyone tends.


Being friends with the wind

She wanted to fly to an oak.

But the wind has just grinned.

You are destined to cry-he spoke.


Don’t you cry, my dear! -

Said the chatty, naughty wind,

You look like from a fairy tale,

Beautiful and clean.


She let down her silky hair

And said in a sad voice:

An oak met a subtle alder.

He is a man and has a choice.


Now the willow stays like this:

Singing the songs without words.

Her branch looks like a braid

Into the water, she droops.


The moon is walking in the sky

Smiling at the brightest stars

Only the lonely willow cries

Leaving in her heart only scars.


Do not be born beautiful!

Your beauty will fade away.

Be grateful to be born happy.

Happiness with you will stay.


©Larisa Rzhepishevska




◄ 1941, the 22nd of June, The Sky With the Rising Moon...

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leon stolgard

Mon 24th Jun 2024 22:36

Hi Larisa-your writings are getting to a very high standard-as we see here-well done girl!

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 23rd Jun 2024 15:36

"Weeping willow" has its place in our folklore here. I especially appreciated the message in the last verse. But even better might be to be born happy and beautiful? After all, the latter is in the
eye of the beholder, whether that be its lucky owner or the

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