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Meeting different people

On the train or near the steeple

Learning about different cultures

Without any nasty vultures

Exploring different religions

Flying away like free pigeons

Tasting and trying different food

Without being awkward and rude

The beauty of different skin colours

Enjoying the ride like happy scullers

Whatever the age, gender or sexuality

There is no restriction or abnormality

We are all one and will always remain

Stand by each other, whether in need or pain

So, forget the grouping and categories

Because diversity is one of the best glories!


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Stephen Gospage

Thu 30th May 2024 08:11

I love the pace and optimism of this poem, Aisha.

Rose Casserley

Tue 28th May 2024 11:01

Aisha this poem works perfectly for me-thank you

Rose 💋

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Greg Freeman

Tue 28th May 2024 08:50

Rather odd, negative comment from Reggie's Ghost, and not in the spirit of usual contributions here. Perhaps he meant to comment on a different poem. Or could it be that it is not the rhymes he dislikes, but rather the sentiments in this poem?

Tim Higbee

Tue 28th May 2024 01:26

I love the aspiration of harmony in diversity. We are all of one planet, one species and one mortality. So, why are labels and distinctions so important to us. Why do we go out of our way to define discrepancies in perceived conformity. If we worked as hard to accept the diversity in the world as we did to create diversity through overexpression and extremism, we may find we have more in common through our differences than we do in our commonality. Loved the poem, Aisha.

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Reggie's Ghost

Mon 27th May 2024 23:17

I'm a rhymer - I try to make my rhymes make sense, fit in with the story, sound plausible etc. For me it grates when rhymes are contrived just for the sake of it.

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keith jeffries

Mon 27th May 2024 22:41

Every word of this poem uplifts my spirits and gives me a sense of hope for all humanity. Well crafted with good rhyming it comes from an open heart.
Thank you for this,

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