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Moving like Jagger

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‘Mick Jagger has a six-year-old. He’s 80.’

Conversation between two older women overheard on a train


Embarrassing, enduring logo. Those lips.

Jumping Jack Flash, no ordinary wrinklie,  

sired another offspring in his seventies,

still manages to shake those hips.

Faux-rebel with a knowing grin.

Only a nineteen-sixties serum

explains so many honky-tonk women.

Rules don’t seem to apply to him.

No stick or frame up on the stage.

Exhausted formula yet no fatigue.

He has a secret that intrigues,  

a ripe if not a rife old age.  

RIP Charlie Watts, Brian Jones.

Here’s another album from the Stones.





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Greg Freeman

Tue 28th May 2024 22:02

Cheers, Dave! Over the years I've enjoyed doing an occasional sonnet. Finding the rhymes can take you in a different direction to where you thought you were going, and there's something enjoyable about that ... that it's somehow taken out of your hands

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Dave Morgan

Tue 28th May 2024 10:10

Very good Greg. You make it look easy. And an excellent illustration of the old goat.

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 27th May 2024 06:55

Thanks, Greg. It seems an age ago that he qualified for a pension, and he's still going. Mind you, so is Bill Wyman.

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Greg Freeman

Sun 26th May 2024 12:25

Good point, Keith. Sadly, a Buddy Holly song, of course. Thanks for the Likes, Hugh, Holden, Hélène, Manish, Tim, Ciaran, Aisha and Rose

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keith jeffries

Sun 26th May 2024 12:01

not to mention 'Not Fade Away'.

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