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I Didn’t Want To Speak Out Loud

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Whether peace or trouble is talked about,

They didn’t want me to speak out loud.

The sadness settled in my heart.

But I happened to be a hard nut.


I was kind, not mind to some well-known guys.

Up to that moment, I could all realize.

It’s so convenient when your heart is opened.

I opened my eyes and saw the value of lies.


Besides, I saw so much light around,

Blue fields of flowers could be found.

My soul could sing like birds in spring.

My heart was with the bells ringing.


I don’t want to explain anything to anyone,

I prefer to have and enjoy my amusing fun

And I don’t like to someone’s tunes dance.

The heaven above me gives me a chance.


Peace and calmness returned to my heart,

I began to live with love and desire to love.

Joy and happiness became my life part.

If you want to receive, you have to give love.


Only for my dears I live without any fears,

Meeting strangers I am afraid of danger.

Heaven decided if I wanted to stay alive

I didn’t have so deep to dive.


I got rid of promises and stupid hope,

Thank God I don’t know what’s a mope.

Only soul calmness and peace of mind

Can bring me to something I’d like to find.


I’ll drink the calmness from the spring,

I’ll meet the dawn and hear the bells ding.

My happiness lives strait in my heart,

I admire the stars as nature’s art.

©Larisa Rzhepishevska



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Larisa Rzhepishevska

Tue 21st May 2024 04:05

Thanks so much, Keith and Tom for commenting

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Tom Doolan

Sun 19th May 2024 16:24

An emotive journey with a positive reflection 👍

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keith jeffries

Sun 19th May 2024 14:29

A beautifully composed poem in which you see and experience the goodness of life yet have experienced the other side of the coin. Thank you indeed for this uplifting poem,

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