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The gargoyles trough

its guttered back,

its rainy cough

is holy hack.


Grotesque the tongue

and flightless wings

"thy will be done"

The Choirboy sings.


The Organ lifts their lofty praise

this priestly herd of lowly flock,

they revel in their earthly days

anointed ones of chosen stock.


The gargoyles leer spreads too late

the cassock stained by wasted seed,

the demons breach the sacred gate

Gods love corrupt in thought and deed.


The rot is in the orchard.



◄ Bastard

Mutter ►


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David RL Moore

Mon 15th Apr 2024 16:34

Thankyou Betheny and John,

much appreciated.


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David RL Moore

Mon 15th Apr 2024 08:19

Thankyou to Stephen, Hugh and Aisha for the overnight likes.


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David RL Moore

Sun 14th Apr 2024 10:39

Thankyou for the early like Stephen.

I love Churches, their history, their architecture, their place in the landscape.

I have the utmost respect for humble practitioners of Christs message, my Father was one.

The authority the various organised Churches of the UK have built themselves upon has hugely distracted them from the Gospels.

I cannot see a time when I might surrender my atheism, neither can I look upon religion as having no significance in our daily lives because to many including non-believers it clearly does.

This scribble alludes to just one corruption/abuse of authority existing within the alleged sacred walls of worship.


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