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I am truly blown away by the poems I have found

With provoking thoughts, emotions, or an aspiring phrase

Written imagery from people who absolutely astound

I wish to comment but fear the words sound like hollow praise

A tapestry of emotions woven with the thread of living

Raw beauty in written exposes originating from the heart

The culmination of our essence, the sum of our being

A peek inside, a connection with others in the form of art

Thank you for creative ways to share what you have inside

I have found inspiration and admiration both in equal part

Found in the writers and there words, even those just implied

So many variations displayed on any common thought

Some so complex in their simplicity I would have to have a hint

Expressions framed in exquisite ways, ways that I could not

It’s wonderful how similarities are shared even when seemingly different

The novelty of expressions standing naked to the world

I applaud and thank you for the courage to share your inner sanctuary

It has encouraged others like me to let their thoughts be unfurled

In an attempt to illuminate and praise the writers, this is my commentary

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Sat 2nd Dec 2023 13:56

Thank you Tim! WOL writers are a thoughtful, caring online community indeed, and you captured this in a poem. (WOL also allows us not to bug our friends and family with our incessant desire to read and share poetry, lol.)

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 30th Nov 2023 14:51

Thank you Tim.

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Thu 30th Nov 2023 14:44

Hi Tim, I love this and have felt that way many times when surfing the incredible minds / writing that flow through this site. Beautifully put!

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