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Day 644

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Why do they try to murder Ukraine?

Why do they turn their hatred on us?

Why do they dump their anger again

And then feign surprise at all the fuss?


Why do they slaughter the best of our youth

And try to efface all the signs of our past,

Pretending to be the masters of truth,

Denying their part in each deadly blast?


Why do they wish to hollow us out

Why do they tear our nation apart?

What is their violence really about:

Destroying our bodies, our hope or heart?


Why, in the end, have they turned up here?

What is their business, precisely?

It’s our home in which they interfere;

Will they go if we ask nicely?


How dare they say that we don’t exist!

That was the first of their many mistakes.

The proof of our being is that we resist

And will do so for as long as it takes.


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Stephen Gospage

Fri 1st Dec 2023 19:59

My thanks to John, Stephen and Uilleam for the comments. You're right, Stephen; it's a shame it still has to be written.John and Uilleam - I yearn for peace everyday and desperately want to end the death and suffering. However, I'm coming to the conclusion that sadly (beacuse it will lead to thousands more fatalities) the only way to get to peace is for Ukraine to be well enough equipped to kick the invader out for good.

And thanks to Manish, K Lynn, Tom and Hugh for liking this.

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 30th Nov 2023 14:48

Thanks for your work for peace Stephen.
I wonder, will the flow to UK politicians etc of Russian derived money ever be stopped?

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 29th Nov 2023 22:59

As relevant & brilliant as always, Stephen! Just a shame it still has to be written!

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John Coopey

Wed 29th Nov 2023 22:03

Asking nicely won't do the trick, I'm afraid. Only the will and the money to outlast the violence.

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Stephen Gospage

Wed 29th Nov 2023 16:45

Thank you, Graham. I hope that the Ukrainian flags return after the festivities. It is probably inevitable that Ukraine is less in the spotlight because of the conflict in the Middle East, However, as we all know, the war still claims lives every day - four civilians were killed in Nikopol by Russian shells yesterday and the daily casualties among the Russian troops (and presumably the Ukrainians) are shocking. The current 'stalemate' is far from being a truce.

And thanks to Tim, Steve, Nigel and Hélène for the likes and support.

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 29th Nov 2023 12:27

There is a small market town near here where the houses on the main street have resolutey displayed Ukrainian flags from little flagpoles that are always in situ.

Sadly they have now been converted (as they do every year) to illuminated Christmas trees. They look delightful!

But there is 'one', one still hanging the blue/yellow standard of Ukraine.

The flame still flickers!

Thanks Stephen, amongst all the recent sometimes ghastly rhetoric, for keeping WOL's Ukraine flame alive!

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