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What is a poetry?
Is it a tree full of poets?
Not sure, but I know it's 
Gotta be more than that 
More proverbially fat
With some literary girth
Apt to give birth
To words and birds and
Herds of ideas
That run across a page
Perhaps even a stage
To make people do things
To act and be things
Make someone feel things
When one moves and sings
Based on abstract concepts 
Strung together 
Haphazard as ever 
For the purposes of

Wills unknown 
Or yet to be shown 
I'll never be sure
What it's all for 
But I'll still do it
Contribute to it
Put words on a page
For no wage
I feel it can't be a job
Such that it would rob
The task of its meaning 
And its aim-less leaning 
Because the aim should be less
Than clear at best
To allow that ambiguity 
That precedes true ingenuity 

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Thu 19th Oct 2023 11:33

Thank you Lewis. Some deep stuff there.
Would that be Old Walt up there?

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John Gilbert Ellis

Mon 2nd Oct 2023 16:21

Poetry that talks to me. Thanks!

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Stephen Gospage

Sun 1st Oct 2023 16:22

Poetry is...your poem, Lewis. Very sharp and thoughtful - not at all ambiguous!

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 1st Oct 2023 15:57

Entertaining and provocative, insofar that I would dispute the
last four lines.
Say what you mean
And mean what you say!
You're just having a laugh
Being too clever by half!
(A personal view, of course).

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