My fantasy bird table

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I’m putting out some food on my fantasy bird table 

hoping to attract my all-time favourite birds.

The first to arrive are the ones that used my first table:

robins, tits, and blackbirds that nested in the woods.


The flock that follows them are the best I’ve seen in Britain:

a ptarmigan, an osprey, a dotterel and a smew,

a bearded tit, a peregrine, a puffin and a bittern 

all hanging from my nut feeder - what a perfect view!


Those flit away, but now come birds from foreign places:

the mimicries of a lyrebird suffuse the air with sound.

I see ostriches and hummingbirds, and several toucan species,

then the fearsome harpy eagle I’ve sought but never found.


Next are some I’d thought were gone: great auk and dodo.

A passenger pigeon and a moa come down to feed.

Think I’m telling fibs? Look…I’ve got a photo

of an archaeopteryx attacking the sunflower seeds!


Now things get really weird…there’s creatures from mythology:

Quetzalcoatl with the body of a snake,

Horus, and the Phoenix, which I know from egyptology,

and Princess Leda’s swan, pecking at some cake.


But when I look back later there’s just a whopping pellet

composed of bones and feathers. I mutter “What a pain!”

I know full well what’s happened so I may as well tell it:

Gwaihir, Lord of the Eagles, has come to feed again.



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John Coopey

Fri 9th Jun 2023 21:03

This reminded me of a film I watched last year - “They Flew Together”, starring Walter Pigeon, Mia Sparrow, Steven Seagal and Charlie Drake.

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