Failing the people

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I’m baffled how world leaders find the nerve 

to sign a pledge, then right before our eyes

fail the people they pretend to serve.


They know the price of oil but never swerve

from drilling more while greenhouse gases rise.

I’m baffled how world leaders find that nerve!


They buy the myth of endless growth, the oeuvre 

of economic frauds who feed them lies,

and fail the people they pretend to serve.


Haven’t they read the briefings? Seen the curve

of parts per million soar towards the sky?

I’m baffled how world leaders find the nerve.


The record heat last year was just hors d’oeuvre:

such blasts will soon be standard in July

because they’ve failed the ones they’re meant to serve.


We’re clamouring for leaders with the verve

to ban new oil before our planet dies;

baffled how these shirkers find the nerve 

to fail the people they pretend to serve.


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Tim Ellis

Sun 11th Jun 2023 08:47

Thanks Stephen. I’ve been writing poems about climate change for many years, and trying to spread the word by other means too. But people only hear what they want to hear.

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 10th Jun 2023 14:49

A fine vilanelle, Tim. I agree with your arguments, of course. Politicians have a duty to put these difficult issues to the public. But what if the public (heavily influenced by right-wing media and advertising) don't listen?
Not easy for anyone. We just have to keep trying. This poem is a part of the campaign.

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