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Keith Byrne

Updated: Tue, 16 Mar 2021 10:35 pm

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i am 28 year old and have recently got into writing mainly cause its good for me head. i have recently started to study media and journalism.


Forgive me am just going to curl up right here Get myself comfy Prepare myself for the next breakdown Cause every now and then gods going to slow you down A wise man said You got let it all feel down to build again You got to let the breakdown come so you can go again Cause that driest things life are free Sp please let me enjoy me fall from grace Cause tomorrow i will fly again


i have been run ragged been pull this way and that way been chased by young and old or was it me doing the chasing i do like to rewrite these situations to suits myself never find anyone suitable that just the way i am i cant help falling not into love but the same traps over and over i have a habit of fixing the unfix able try to cure the uncured but the biggest obstacle i have isn’t living without the voice,vices,or the face, but living with my own reflection cause eye to eye i just don’t like the look of me

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According to my phone There’s nobody loving me According to my phone there’s nobody about So i look at how the other half live From the other side of my screen I decided who i like and who i hate Thank god though Joe just informed me its feel good Friday So i quickly dive for the phone in hurry i call dial a drink Post a pic of myself enjoying a drinking Pretend am having a great life But in reality i’m just killing time Cause according to my phone i got no plans this is another lonely day Just me my 2 followers and me mobile phone

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