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In a world which now politically "global"

We hear little enough of that old word "noble".

Somehow lost in communication

Between individuals and any given nation..

But its meaning should never be lost to time,

To allow that to happen would be a crime

Against the best of what we can be

Throughout the pages of history.

So, let us aspire - each in our way

And celebrate this St Georges' Day

By seeking to make our lives succeed

To be noble in each thought and deed,

And as we approach a new coronation

Hope to see it in splendid representation.





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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Sat 29th Apr 2023 20:54

Telboy - yes.
Daffodils and trees and................oh yes I forgot, whiskers on kittens😊

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M.C. Newberry

Tue 25th Apr 2023 19:23

Telboy - You may think that. I couldn't possibly comment. 😌

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Tue 25th Apr 2023 19:16

Is there no subject where Uilleam doesn't get on his soapbox and give us a political rant?

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Uilleam Ó Ceallaigh

Tue 25th Apr 2023 18:23

MC, you write:
'...that old word "noble"...its meaning should never be lost to time,
To allow that to happen would be a crime...'

There's nothing "noble" about the deliberate trashing of the NHS, and of every single one of the UK's Public Services, in order to fill the pockets of already wealthy individuals and corporations, who in many cases hide their profits in overseas tax-havens, and who do not invest in the public services for which we pay dearly.

It is, au contraire, an "ignoble" and a cruel process, and it is "a crime" which is causing immense suffering to an ever increasing number of British citizens.

Socialism now...Citizens not Subjects!

Or to put it the (Northern) people's vernacular:

Bleedin' Krauts from Schleswig-Holstein arf of 'em - an' it's crap lager an' all!

They're nobbut a load o' bleedin' forinners - send the buggers to Rwanda on' see 'ow they like it!

Claps won't pay ar nurses on' doctors bills, pay 'em a proper wage, on' gie them Krauts the sack!

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keith jeffries

Sun 23rd Apr 2023 20:03

Spoken like a true patriot.
Thank you for this

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