Illegal Refugees Bill = The Bill that IS Illegal

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The UK Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, is believe it or not, a barrister; yet she is proposing to break the law with her dog-whistle of a bill.

So she has been forced to make the following admission, under section 19(1)(b) of the Human Rights Act 1998:

“I am unable to make a statement that, in my view, the provisions of the Illegal Migration Bill are compatible with the Convention rights, but the Government nevertheless wishes the House to proceed with the Bill”.


In other words: she knows that the bill may not get passed, but she and the Tories hope that the hatemongering which its title is intended to induce, will be enough to deflect from the total and utter omnishambles which has been the last thirteen years of Tory government.

Barrister Chris Daw, King’s Council has stated the following about the proposed bill:

  • It is completely unlawful under international law.
  • That the Universal Declaration of Human Rights passed in 1948, specifically allows refugees or asylum seekers to apply for asylum.
  • That the 1951 convention on refugees specifically states the following:

Asylum seekers are not required to apply in the first country they reach, they are entitled to apply in any country which is a signatory to the convention.

  • Refugees are not required to arrive in that country by “lawful” or “regular” means
  • There is specific provision that asylum seekers are entitled to arrive by irregular means without documentation.
  • The UK is governed by European Convention on Human Rights which provide that anybody in the UK is protected by due process of law, and cannot be imprisoned without a fair trial, or any legal process.
  • Braverman’s proposed legislation breaks every single one of those fundmental pieces of human rights legislation at international law.


My piece below refers to a post at:

The word “migrants”, it’s been said, has no future in rhyme!

How about “tyrants”, those who thrive on all that Tory slime?

Johnson’s eight hundred thousand for that BBC job,
Says they’ll keep quiet on London’s Russian oligarch mob.

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keith jeffries

Tue 14th Mar 2023 14:40

Well said

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