How it would have been 

Long ago when things were green 

Now in ruins lay beneath foliage dense 

Excavations made finding homes of someone 

Walking past those buildings and the roads 

Deepest silence only the wind broke 

Trying to figure out how it would be then 

Imagining people those that did dwell 

Their voices and their mundane chores 

It's a walk down the pathways of ancient lores 

Stories as manuscripts scribbled on walls 

Reading through unknown languages 

Figures and arrows trying to communicate

Speaking of stories that was living back then 

How humans do send messages for next gen 

Leaving behind lessons and legacy for humans to come 

Exploring each word in a dialect alien to us 

What an incredible art of passing on the fun 

Matter once created lives forever on 

Earthen pots, buildings huge, mummified bones 

Trying to tell us about their rich life that was 

We now can only use imagination and imaging 

Trying to enliven each and everything

Sans the love, sans the human touch 

A book for few more generation to come 

Connecting all the ancient missing parts 

But what lesson it leaves behind for all of us 

We never reflect nor we ever ponder upon 

Those ruins teach us to live a humble life 

For the caves and mummies we study today 

Someone will excavate our houses and bones 

We too will be ruins in future to come

◄ Will you!!!

Gratefulness ►


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Thu 2nd Feb 2023 04:11

Thank you Stephen.

History repeats Nigel👍

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Nigel Astell

Sat 21st Jan 2023 09:36

We have much to learn
History is made today
Tomorrow is the day
Others will also learn too.❤

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 18th Jan 2023 17:54

A good thought provoking poem, moonlight 🌈

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